Beavers possess a few unmistakable characteristics that will be easily identifiable. Their fur varies from black and reddish, to a yellow tinted color. Measuring around 3 feet long and weighing between 20 and 75 pounds, beavers are quite large. Beavers have a flat and wide tail, back feet that are both webbed and clawed, and smaller unwebbed front feet that only feature claws. Lastly, the facial features of a beaver include large front teeth, small ears, black and beady eyes, and pointed snouts.


Bodies of water will provide security and food sources for beavers. They will create dams in rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water to stop water flow. Beaver dams will create ideal living conditions for various species of waterfowl and insects, as well as the beaver.

Beaver Damage

Beavers generally only affect property near sources of water. The damages caused by beaver dams can affect communities as a whole. In addition to fallen trees and other plant damage, beaver damming can induce flooding and present real problems for area residents. Potential flood threats should be taken care of immediately.

Beaver Control

Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of New Jersey has dealt with numerous beaver problems in the past. Our technicians have knowledge and tools necessary for proper beaver removal. Professional beaver removal can prevent future issues and can eliminate the dangers of both personal and animal injury.

Damage Repairs and Prevention

Critter Control of New Jersey will completely solve your beaver control problem. Residents fond of particular trees and vegetation should encircle those plants with wire mesh. This prevention method will successfully deter beavers from gnawing. One should never attempt to touch beavers, as they may bite when threatened. If flooding is a concern, contact Critter Control of New Jersey professionals for efficient beaver control.

We can help you get rid of beaver problems.

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