The American Badger (Taxidea taxus) is a stocky, medium-sized mammal.



Badgers are short and stocky animals, weighing 26 pounds on average and about 25 inches in length. These animals are distinguished with black and white patterns on the face/head and covered in a mixture of white, black, and brown fur. These powerful animals move on 4 strong legs and are equipped with 2-inch claws built for serious digging.


Badgers will burrow into the ground, creating a hole about 8 inches wide. Mostly nocturnal, these critters will remain inside their underground burrows until nightfall when they emerge to the surface and look for food.

Badger Damage

It is very uncommon for a badger to enter a home, however it is possible. Badger sightings generally happen outside and damages will occur including many variables. Badgers are very aggressive animals and will stand toe-to-toe with animals as large as grizzly bears! Domestic pets are at a great risk of serious injuries with badgers around. The primary food source, including small rodents like ground squirrels and mice, will bring badgers near homes and farmlands. Along with their aggressive behavior, the holes these animals dig can cause serious injuries to livestock, humans, and pets!

Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of New Jersey has experience in badger trapping and badger removal. We will implement humane and effective methods of removal to get the animal away from your home quickly! Your technician will be highly knowledgeable on badger habits and intelligence levels to ensure the removal is quick and stress free!

Damage Repairs and Prevention

Badgers are great diggers, and badger prevention methods can be expensive. Fencing off areas will require extra materials that feed into and go over the ground. Along with the professional prevention approaches by Critter Control of New Jersey, limiting available food can keep badgers away - although a badger has diverse diets that will complicate this process.

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