Attic Restoration, Attic Repair & Chimney Repair Services

Attic Restoration, Attic Repair & Chimney Repair Services

You removed the bats from the attic, but are you finished yet?

Animal attic damage in New JerseyNuisance wildlife in your attic can create problems many homeowners never think of. These animals can carry ectoparasites, which after the wildlife host is evicted, may move inside the home looking for a new host—YOU! Bat bugs, mites, ticks and fleas are just some of the ectoparasites you need to be concerned about. Squirrel in attic, bat in attic, raccon in attic, or various other animals in attic are notorious for bringing these pests in.

Ask the Critter Control of New Jersey Wildlife Management Specialists to inspect your attic and treat for these pests, after your problem animal is removed. Worried about pesticide use in your home? Just ask for our Eco-Wise™ brand of botanical pest control products and feel confident about the control products used under your roof.

And what about the droppings left behind in your attic? Is this something you want hanging above your head at night when you sleep? Raccoons are known for using a single spot in your home as a latrine, while using another part of your attic as their living area. This can lead to matted attic insulation and reduced “R” values, which means you continue to lose money as you continue to heat and cool your home. It can also lead to stained ceilings and unnecessary odors.

Animal chew hole in NJ roofLet the attic restoration professionals at Critter Control of NJ remove that soiled insulation and replace it with your choice of insulation products. Our attic specialists can prepare insurance bids with most major insurance companies and get your attic back in shape in no time. From gutter protection, attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures and soffit vent repairs, our team can do it all with one single call.

Bats, squirrels, raccoons and many other nuisance animals cause problems to your chimney as well and require professional chimney repair. For all of your attic insulation tips, attic repair, attic restoration and chimney repair needs, contact Critter Control of New Jersey.





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