08.19.15 - August 2015 - Stinging Insects
Trivia Question: True or False – When spraying stinging insect nests at night, it’s always best to shine your flashlight directly into the nest while holding onto it.   Correct Trivia Answer:  FALSE - Do not
07.16.15 - July 2015 - Gulls
  Trivia Question: True or False – Gulls may be trapped or killed whenever they’re found on private property.   Correct Trivia Answer:  FALSE - Gulls are classified as migratory species and thus are
06.17.15 - June 2015 - Non-Venomous Snakes
      Trivia Question: True or False – Some snakes are strict vegetarians and only eat plant material.       Correct Trivia Answer:  FALSE - All snakes are predators, and the
05.22.15 - May 2015 - Raccoons
Trivia Question: Raccoons can enter and leave your home through an uncapped chimney?   Correct Trivia Answer:  TRUE -  In many urban or suburban areas, raccoons are learning that uncapped chimneys make very adequate
04.16.15 - April 2015 - Flying Squirrels
  Trivia Question: True or False? Flying squirrels are capable of true flight.   Correct Trivia Answer:  FALSE – Flying squirrels might more appropriately be called “gliding squirrels,” because they
03.23.15 - March 2015 - Voles
  Trivia Question: True or False? Voles hibernate in the winter, reemerging in early spring.   Correct Trivia Answer:  FALSE – They do NOT hibernate and actively tunnel under the snow, creating highways