Critter Control of New Jersey is here to solve your wildlife control problems. There are many different animals that can invade your home, including bats, chipmunks and squirrels. Each animal requires specific techniques when handling removal, repair and prevention. Our trained technicians are here to give you quick and proven results. We understand the issues that come with wildlife invasions, such as damage, stains, odors, and potential parasites and diseases. Our team will go above and beyond, using professional and powerful methods, to get rid of the wildlife at hand.


Upon arrival, our technician will evaluate the invaded area and discover what wildlife has invaded your space and all of their exact entry points. Using species-specific techniques, we will remove the wildlife from your home in a safe and humane manner. Removal is the first and most important step in wildlife control. We will ensure all wildlife is removed before advancing to the next step.

Animals cause damage upon entering your home. Once inside, animals like squirrels, are known to cause extensive damage. Wild animals will chew on electrical wires, stain and devalue insulation with droppings, and tear through heating and cooling vents. These damages can lead to more dangerous problems. Our technicians will assess and repair damage done to keep your home and family safe.

The last thing you want after a wildlife invasion.. is another wildlife invasion! We understand that and will implement top of the line prevention techniques to keep critters out of your home. Some methods include chimney caps, vent screens, sealing holes in siding, and habitat modification. With proven methods and professional materials, our technicians will ensure no wildlife can return to your home.


Please keep in mind that several animal species found in New Jersey are considered threatened or endangered and must be handled with extreme care. Our technicians will ensure your intruding wildlife is removed in a humane and safe manner. We are trained and experienced in the control of badgers, bats, beavers, birds, chipmunks, birds, squirrels, foxes and mice. No animal is too big or too small for wildlife experts. When you wonder how to get rid of that rancid smell, annoying scratching, or bothersome animal digging up your yard, allow us to return your home to its critter-free state.

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